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Here is the list of my projects I wish to have more time and resources to work on:

To explore enhancements and regulatory relaxing of encryption technology. Enriching possibilities of data assurances (such as confidentiality, authentication, integrity and nonrepudiation) by implementing encryption technology to web applications and services. See web application and various tools.
To introduse eBALLOT application and provide workable platform for voting applications. Enriching democracy by implementing encryption technology to open source web applications and services. See Anonymity Principle for Collective Decision doc.
Augmenting crane consist of adding simple tracking devices which precisely track movement and activity of the container crane and spreader in relation to the port infrastructure and the vessel position. Tracking data log is stored, processed to ensure interoperability and reported to subscribed customers.
Ref. VOICE Files 
Here you can find old reference voice (speech and audio frequency)files from the time when telecommunication voice technology transition from analog, shortly PCM streaming digital to compressed packets as VoIP. The files collection was preserved from some no more actual ITU P-series Recommendations and I found it quite useful for comparison purpose with modern practices where “the best effort” is the reference for voice quality.
For details see my patented methodology (US.6,275,797).
XML powered Website 
Actualy this is more the staging place than Webpage for experimenting with and testing XML ( ... Meta Data, DTD, XSLT, RSS and SOAP) technology. Also, here are JavaScript samples.
this is .

Some of project's content may require "log-in" due to security, privacy or business reason.

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