JavaScript CRYPTION tools

Here is the list of tools you may find useful to explore recent relaxing of regulatory restrictions to encryption technology, enriching possibilities as digital signature, privacy and security by implementing encryption technology to web applications and services.:

Simple tool with strong AES CRYPTION  
Application for protection of personal data on the publicly open www site, or other experiments as encrypted mail.
Encrypting & saving or reading & Decrypting local FILE to or from your computer. This tool utilize ability of modern browser with JavaScript enabled to read and write (text/ASCI) files from and to your computer.
Application for secure saving of your password (or tastament) 
This application is for solving real life problem of lost password (see article). Using advantage of computer technology which allow us to have multiple copies of the same content in different forms enable use of logical segments of keys (passwords) connected together with AND and OR functions (see explanation).
This simplified functional example allow demonstration of basic principles and benefits (by adding nonrepudation to confidentiality, authentication and integrity) of asymmetrical (public) cryptography. This implementation is optimized for simplicity and efficiency rather to security which would require more robust keys and longer time of heavier computing.


Calculator to convert distances between global points and bearing. Coordinates can be entered in various formats. Tool also shows position in Google Maps.

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