This is simple and operational demonstration of

Anonymity Principle for Collective Decision with Verifiability

... ... However, within this demo web page is no privacy for participants
because adversary can inspect HTML and JavaScript of all ballots. In real
life application the communication among parties and public tally board
are carried by sets of coded segments only.

... the small metasyntactic STORY:

Consider hypothetical case of priest deciding to perform, or not wedding ceremony for two teens. He sees a lot of pressure from family and society on them and he may be concern that teen's ability to freely and responsibly express their commitments in public may be effected. To discover real collective decision of two teens only (without knowing their separate individual decisions), he decides to perform following procedure. He would accept judgment as positive if both anonymously agree. This brings us to agenda question for each young participant: “Do you want to get married?”. Each young participant has two valid responses, “positive” and “negative”.
The priest instructs them how to use web page tool integrated with ballot:
   1. Register, select and publish your choice by hitting SUBMIT button! (in privacy)
   2. After all choices arrive at tally-board hit PROCESS button to find common decision! (in public)

     first BALLOT session ID#345


Use this ballot only once and do    
not expose content to protect privacy.    
Ballot already registered for this demo.

     second BALLOT session ID#345


Use this ballot only once and do    
not expose content to protect privacy.    
Ballot already registered for this demo.

TALLY-BOARD session ID#345

 Submitted segments from BALLOTs:  Possible collective OUTCOME  *









* - All possible combinations are listed to demonstrate TALLY-BOARD working principle.   
In real life application application only ultimate colective outcame should be shown.    

. ... SO WHAT IS THE POINT?     you may ask.

Point is that using these method participants can preserve anonymity although their message (or segments) can be traced back to them. Their message expressed in plain language for each one could be interpreted as: "IF THIS SEGMENTS TOGEHER WITH OTHER PARTICIPANT's PUBLISHED SEGMENTS CAN CREATE CREDIBLE OUTCOME, THIS OUTCOME WILL COMPLY WITH MY INTENTION" and in its fundamental nature is SECRET, ANONYMOUS, CONDITIONAL and NON-REPUDIATIONAL individual STATEMENT with SHARED KNOWLEDGE toward collective SELF DECRYPT-able OUTCOME with VERIFIABILITY.

. ...HOW IT’S POSSIBLE? , this MUST be some kind of SNAKE OIL !     you may think.

ANONYMITY? .. well yes, if semantic of the message is our object of interest, rather than origin of the message.
SECRECY is provided by deploying the cryptography. In this example AES/Rijndael (with 256 bits key) method is used. This is considered strong enough to protect state secrets.
SCALABILITY, when reach web page and JavaScript application limits can easily be extended by grouping participants into domains connected with accreditation primitives to merge multiple outcomes into upper level domains.
The NON-REPUDIATION is ensured by the fact that final outcome can’t be produced without each individual participants unique contribution.
Each participant can logically VERIFY that his (and only his) message is implemented correctly by performing the same process in privacy of his own computer but with different submission.

For detail explanation and background of this method explore this OPEN-SOURCE web page content and see here an work in progress attempt of a easy readable explanation.

© 2013  Patent Pending.     Dedicated to memory of Aaron Swartz.